Our Story

We at AkotosGHBoutique have a tremendous passion for all things Africa and in particular the riches of Ghana. During a recent excursion to Ghana, our love was renewed by the scenic views, beautiful culture, and multifaceted talents found in the people.We intend to showcase some of that allurement in the quality pieces we will offer. One such treasure is the African print fabric. It is so very vibrant and alive, and its dominant presence in the fashion industry is a natural fit.  Our designer bags are handmade in Ghana with 100% cotton wax print and fine leathers. Each fabulous piece has its own unique character, because its made with care.  Some of other notable treasures in Ghana are the amazing artists. Kumasi is where they live and create their masterpieces. We hope to offer you these magnificent pieces soon.

It is our hope that you can share in the richness of this beautiful land....Akwaaba (Welcome in Twi)